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The Story so far!

Born in 1948 in the Garden State of NJ, Joan spent the summers of her childhood on the white sandy beaches of Lavallette learning to build the best sandcastles and to paint the best clam shells to sell on the boardwalk for a penny.   She rode the ocean waves from sunrise to sunset.  She spent winters in the faraway north. At the age of 24, she left the Garden State behind and ran off to California for new life adventures and lived throughout the southwest and northwest states. And that was just the beginning of a life filled with trials, tribulations, love, joy and learning.

"I Cant Imagine Doing ANYTHING ELSE."

Joan’s education is splendidly integrated with degrees from Orange Coast College in English and Creative Writing, Kent College in Criminal Justice, Bellevue College Integrative Education through UW and Psychology and Law from the U. of Arizona.  She published creative and nonfictional essays and stories throughout her college careers.   Joan now lives in Colorado with her current husband and her ex-husband, two dogs, and a bevy of grandchildren always in and out!  


While continuing her passion to write she currently publishes journals, notebooks, diaries, comic books, sketch books and care books on Amazon.  She hopes YOU will love  writing in her journals and logs to cherish your memories and inspirations, dreams and goals! 


Joan likes to walk in the woods, haunt new coffee shops and make new friends! Listen, Learn, Laugh and Share is her mantra!  Have a cup of coffee with her as you enjoy journaling in your new book! Oh, yes, and she still builds the best sandcastles…..

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