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We all have passion, wanting to earn a living from what we are passionate about is the next step that requires a lot.

But we are here to guide you through, so do not skip any step.

Identify your main passion for earning: Be able to point out all your passions if you have multiple, and then identify the one you wish to work with as a source of income. If you have a single thing you love, be sure of it.

Research: make research, the best resource for information is other people who already work in the field. If you take the time to build a network with other pros in your field, you might get more experience and connections.

Funds: you need funds, no matter how little. It would be unrealistic to exempt capitals for this.

Start small: start small, know how it works. Considering profits and loss with the small startup. After seeing how it works, then let your start up grow limitlessly. Start small to test the waters to avoid story that touches.

Acknowledge your ignorance: In order to make a living doing something you love; you have to switch from just it being a hobby to you being a professional at it. Realize your mistakes, grow, unlearn, learn and relearn.

Network and connection: This network and connection is not about the Mobile phone data connection, it's about socializing. Don't forget years you need to grow your business. You need connection and important investors to work with.

Start researching potential opportunities and available careers: If you do not want to start up a business, you can as well, check for job positions in that aspect. Consider the workload, whether this will be passion project/side hustle or a full-time position. From there, gauge how much you can realistically accomplish in a given time.

Turning what you love into a source of income requires hard work. And you have the decision to make to either start up your own business or work with an already existing company. Either way put a lot of things into considerations and work hard.

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